The Evolution of Rackmount Powerstrip

These new style rackmount powerstrip options have evolved drastically over the last few years. And, obviously for the better! They say, ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’, and it applies aptly to these power distribution units. The sophisticated power features have fueled demand and created a more friendly and functional PDU. Teamed with server racks or, a computer rack it gives outstanding results.

Rackmount Powerstrip with remote operation

With the advancement in technology, there are rack mount power strip units that can be accessed remotely. In fact, the ability to remotely turn individual receptacles on or off has proven to be a tremendous time saver for network techs. They can now work at one location and eliminate drive time or the expense of an additional person at the other site.

Rackmount Powerstrip to access Environmental Data

Science and technology has enabled the electronic industry to grow in great strides and it is evident in the evolution of the rack mount powerstrip. There are several models that have the ability to address key environmental factors such as heat and humidity in a sensitive computer environment. This can prevent server failures in a world where atmospheric hazards are growing at an alarming rate.

The heavy duty rackmount powerstrip line

This basic rackmount power strip is an improvement over previous options and is great for many rackmount applications. Some of the selected models provide surge protection, filter voltage and circuit breakers to provide overload protection. This basic strip is the perfect power small applications.

Before using any of the rackmount powerstrip, with your server racks or a computer rack, you should always take care to check the instruction manuals carefully. It is very important that you should use a rack mount powerstrip that is compatible with a particular range of electricity. This is to prevent accidents that could injure or kill.

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