So What Exactly Is a Computer Registry?

You may have heard that it is important to clean your computer (PC) registry. Or, perhaps you have been experiencing some problems with your computer, and it has been suggested that cleaning your registry may help sort out the problems. But before you get started doing that, you probably need to have some understanding of what the registry is!

The registry is basically a database that controls every aspect of your computer's operation and is found on all Microsoft Windows® operating systems.

You could say that the computer's processor (CPU) is the 'brain' of the computer hardware, while the registry is the 'brain' of the Operating System. Now, most people are unfamiliar with the registry and with good reason – it just works quietly in the background and never lets you know if everything is working well or if there are problems. Cleaning the registry needs to be done carefully, in fact, attempts to manually clean the registry and changing or deleting registry keys could leave a program or even the operating operating system completely broken – so if you are thinking about manually cleaning your registry – beware!

These days, with the arrival of so much spam, and as a consequence of poorly written PC software being hurried into the market, and any number of malware (malware software), spyware and viruses around waiting to corrupt your computer, not knowing what the registry does or how to navigate your way through it (at a basic level) could mess your computer up as easily as any piece of malware waiting to strike.

Thankfully, it is not all bad news. These days there is very effective software that can help you by cleaning your registry up automatically.

The software scans your registry and checks if there are any errors in it. It can then automatically clean up your registry, returning your computer to a much more efficient mode of operation.

If you have not previously thought about cleaning your registry, now is definitely a good time to do so. Remember, your computer registry holds vital information that your computer, and all its components need in order to work properly.

It's easy and very inexpensive to fix registry errors – so it should, in my opinion, definitely be your first line of defense against a computer that has slowly slowed down and performs poorly.

The right Registry Cleaner is a 'must have' for today's computer user. To find great registry cleaning tools, articles and resources why not visit my website for help on cleaning your computer registry?

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