My Shopping Genie: A Magical Way to More Money


The chances are that you won’t have come across My Shopping Genie in your efforts to make money online, and if you haven’t, then this is something that you’re going to want to sit up and pay attention to, because it may just change your whole approach to making a living, online.

If you’ve been looking at the various options for making a bit of cash online, whether it’s just to make a small amount so as to help pay the never ending tide of bills, or if it’s to completely replace the job that you have at the moment, then you’re going to have come across two different business models.

The thing is, both business models are actually very similar, and that’s good news for you, or at least it will be when you know what My Shopping Genie can do for you.

Have you ever thought that it would be really good if you could earn an affiliate income, but you weren’t too sure about the whole process of picking products to promote, and then getting people to a site to buy them?

Or, if you’ve tried affiliate marketing in the past, have you been put off by the fact that a lot of the people that you spend the time to get to a sales page are actually just after free information? Well, things are about to change.

When you’ve looked at multi-level marketing in the past, have you ever thought how great an idea it was to be paid additional money for the products that people you’ve sponsored into a program, made, but, the whole idea of trying to get people to the product in the first place, and then having them actually buy something, seemed a bit difficult to get your head around? Not a problem.

My Shopping Genie combines the best of affiliate marketing, with the best of the MLM model, to give you a system that’s going to have people wanting to pay you a commission, sounds like just the things you’ve been after, doesn’t it?

Here’s how it all works. You start by getting yourself signed up for a licence so as to be able to brand a My Shopping Genie app – more about that in a bit – and then you start giving the app away to people. The app is a really cool little program that takes the boredom out of searching for the best deals on site, and, because they purchase using links from your app, you get paid a commission.

Just a moment; it gets better.

In the past you would’ve been attracting people to a website, and, instead of buying and making you a commission, they may have just been doing research, or freebie hunting. With this app you know that the people using it are actually looking to buy a certain product, or they wouldn’t be comparing prices on the search engines, and you know that if they can get a discount because they used your app, then they’re far more likely to buy, and you’ll be making a nice commission.

But that’s not enough, not by a long way.

Remember how branding was mentioned earlier? Well, if you have a website of your own, you can have the My Shopping Genie app branded so that people using it will always remember your site, after all, the more they use the app, the more they’ll see your branding. That means more web traffic with less work.

So, that must be all, right? Well, no.

When people start to see just how much money you’re making, because of My Shopping Genie, they’ll want to get in on it, you would too if you were them, wouldn’t you? Now, true to the MLM model, you’ll get a commission for each and every sale that the people you’ve referred earn.

Just think, while they’re busy thanking you for giving them a great way to make money, you’ll be making even more money; pretty good, isn’t it?

Of course, there are also team commissions, leadership bonuses, the list goes on.

About now you’ll probably be saying to yourself ‘find, but what happens if I get problems along the way? Who’s going to be there to help me?’ the answer is; everyone. Unlike many of these business models you’ll have plenty of people who have been in similar situations to you, when getting everything up and running, who have solved the problem, and are only too willing to help you out, too.

One final plus point with My Shopping Genie over the other business models you may have seen in the past: they give back. The company helps a lot of charitable causes; and people, just like you, are helping them to do that, as you’re reading this.

So, if you want to take up a business model that has the best of both affiliate marketing and MLM, and the idea for making money while helping others to save on their purchases really appeals to you, then you should be getting really excited about My Shopping Genie.

Get to their website, join up, start making real money, and then show your friends how they could be doing the same thing, debt will soon be a thing of the past for you; all because you were able to help people to spend less through My Shopping Genie.


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