Anonymous Surfing Software – 5 Reasons It's Important


Where there are intelligent minds accelerating our lives with new ways of connecting people, there are also malicious minds wrecking our lives with the same media. It is essential to use the internet with precautions in place. The most important safety measure is the use of anonymous surfing software.

Anonymous surfing software is an application that keeps you safe while on the internet. It gives your web browsing anonymity, preventing tracking and other misuse of your presence on the internet. There are 5 advantages to using this software:

1. Privacy

Anonymous surfing software keeps your privacy. On the internet it gives you the freedom to surf freely without worry of anyone getting access to your computer and the data and information stored it. But what about your family, friends, or office? Your online activities are kept private, thereby eliminating the possibility of anyone knowing what you did online.

2. Safety

Anonymous surfing software keeps harmful programs from downloading on your computer, like key loggers which can be used to record your financial passwords, incurring financial losses for your. Similar programs can be used for your data passwords too leading to data loss and security breaches. Your financial data remains safe and protected.

3. Security

Internet is no longer a safe place. There is no way for you to know which website is downloading harmful programs in your computer. Anonymous surfing software takes care of this for you, preventing any unauthorized downloads on your computer. So you can surf without fear of spyware, adware, worms, etc. When you use anonymous surfing software, your web searches are no longer pharmed (redirected) to other websites who profit by tracking and hijacking your web surfing.

4. Encryption

Anonymous surfing software encrypts your internet connection and communication online. To do this it uses SSL technology and SSH tunneling. The data sent out from your computer and received to your computer is encrypted, making it safe from hackers and other internet watchers having harmful intent.

5. Anonymity

Anonymous surfing software will obtain anonymity for you on the internet. To do this, it utilizes anonymous proxy surfing methods which channel your surfing through other computers (servers). The logic is simple your web browser connects to a proxy server which in turn connects to the internet, masking your presence and your computer's identity. This is useful for both personal and business reasons.


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