Article Submission Software

One of the best ways to promote a web site or online business is to write articles and submit them to article directories. This is because articles can generate traffic directly, and also help contribute to improving your web site’s position in search engine results.

The power of article marketing stems from the fact that each article can have a small area at the bottom, known as the “resource box” or “author bio”, which contains your name, details of your business, and a link to your web site. People who read your article, can click this link, especially if it looks enticing, and visit your site. Furthermore search engines will also see links in your resource box, and since major search engines such as Google take incoming links into account when ordering each item in their results, these links can contribute to improve your position in the results.

Obviously if you want to get involved in article marketing, you will need to write your own original articles. This however should not be too difficult – stick to topics that you know, and which relate to your business, and write article is breeze. If you have not done much writing before, your first article might be a bit of struggle, but trust me, if you start writing articles regularly (and you should), it does get easier and easier over time.

Each article that you write should be submitted to as many article directories as possible. This maximizes the return on the effort in spent writing. You can submit your articles to a few major article directories by hand, but since there are now at least several hundred article directories on the Internet, submitting even a single article to them all manually would be a major undertaking.

The trouble is that submitting manually to an article directory requires filling out a form, and then copying and pasting the article into a field in your web browser. Even if you can do one site every couple of minutes, it would take a couple of full working days to submit to say 500 different article directories. Automation is therefore essential. The answer is to use article submitter software, with this, you can submit an article to hundreds of directories comparatively easily.

For article marketing to be successful, it should be part of an ongoing program, not a one-off activity. The more articles that you submit, the better your results will be. I would suggest trying to write at least one article per day, and then submitting it. If you make this part of your daily routine, it doesn’t take that long – you probably easily find time to do it, if you cut back slightly on TV or other non-productive activities.

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