Mentorship in Film Schools

Unbeknownst to many, Long, Beach, California is actually a preferred area to film movies. Due to its abundance to Los Angeles as well as sitting right on the ocean, this city is used in various films of all different genres. For example, many of the scenes in Tom Hank's "Castaway" and Johnny Depp's "Pirates of the Caribbean" took advantage of the natural beauty of Long Beach.

There are countless movies that were filmed in this city due to the different types of settings that exist. This is probably the first time for you to read that a lot of the scenes in "The Godfather" franchise were shot in Long Beach. If you are a Godfather fanatic, then you must have remembered the scene where one of the boys goes to a phone booth and utters the phone number aloud. The buzz in the business tells us that the director, Francis Ford Coppola, is purely instructive the actor to look in the near phone book and grab any number. He did so even if the film was taken in and around New York and New Jersey. "One of the boys" called his friend in the movie with a Long Beach, California phone number. Is not the film business just fascinating?

Long Beach film schools, specifically due to its proximate to Los Angeles, offer a variety of different types of schooling. There are regular colleges and universities which will allow the student who desires a degree to earn a Bachelor's degree in filmmaking. There are also non-traditional schools which are more specialized in hands-on training for the new, up-and-coming filmmaker.

And what better scenario there is if you come across a school that provides both? The Film Connection is one of them. This school is for the creative, cutting-edge student who likes to work on an actual set and within the industry while they learn. One of the keys to the success of these institutions is their mentor-apprentice program. And students who go through these learning methodologies will really benefit in countless respects.

These Long Beach film schools not only take on industry film professionals as mentors, but these also provide numerous capabilities for students to create the networks that they need. This is a very important aspect in this business. In this type of industry, what is more important is who you know, and not what you know. Students shall purposely meet their friends and colleagues while learning simply because they are mentored by an industry professional. One upside to this type of school is that nearly every student who graduated from alternative teaching institutions have been offered a position either with their mentor or one of his business associates.

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