Today's Fashion Defines Who You Are


My father worked in the military in the early 1940's. His services came to an abrupt end with the conclusion of the Second World War in 1945. About twenty years later and being in years he use to tell us that, the best part of his work was in the laundry room where he pressed the officer's army uniforms after they have been washed. The military uniform of those days were made from khaki materials. When you press it with a hot flat iron the lines will stand straight in the front and back of the trouser. This is when you apply a starch which also in addition makes the clothe shine after being pressed ..

When he retired from the army we use to relish such stories from my father. He also taught us how to press clothes using a flat iron. Why am I narrating this story ?. It is a story about fashion, which my father because he wanted us to be smart with our outfit kept telling us as we were growing up. I like fashionable clothes. My wife not always though, selects what I should wear, particularly on important occasions. She feels that she is the one qualified to select my outfit and I can not wear anything until she has made her comments. If she feels that I am not appropriately dressed she will protest and I will have to change. She would always make a right critique and at the end of it all we will all feel happy and satisfied

To appear in your best and smart is the rule of a successful man. In my first year at college, I spend quite a bit of money dressing up, not necessarily to impress but, to look good like other students on campus from various cultures and countries. When I entered in a classrooms to attend lectures, I felt so confident and good about my appearance and my morale was also always high. In the end I graduated with a good degree and went on to pursue graduate studies.


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