A Tale of Search Engine Optimization


There are a lot of people on the internet everyday who do not understand how it works. To them, yes it is a network, a search engine that miraculously connects them to all the information they need, to social networking and media sites for their entertainment, for work. Yet beyond managing their email accounts and perhaps their Facebook or Twitter with regular updates and activities, they really do not understand the principles on which something like 'Chicago website design' for example would work as a keyword that starts off a meta search across multiple bases when put into the Google search box.

So how does it work? It is a tale that starts with some great innovators and IT guys who came up with search engines. These are systems that search the World Wide Web for any kind of information, images, video, audio or other kind of files, for web pages, even for websites. These search engines release a Web Crawler, also known as a spider to go into web directories and other stored caches of pages that are relevant to the keyword that they are searching for. Then they pull back and display what they found in order of page rankings of the site and the relevancy of the matter in relation to the keyword, for the Internet user to browse at leisure.

Google is one of the world's most used search engines. Others do exist though, and they also have several features unique to them that appeal to browsers according to their individual preferences. Ask.com, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, etc are just a few of the better known and well used ones, but there are smaller ones that exist specifically for certain kinds of specialized search. Video games are one good example. The spiders or web crawlers of those search engines are linked up to game portals and games.

As such, search engine optimization becomes the part of the story where websites are literally 'optimized' so that they have the best interface, content, web pages and most traffic with a lot of links increasing their page rankings throughout the web. This is a field that is called 'internet marketing'. It creates healthy Chicago website design and SEO and maintains it at a good, strong level where search engines regularly rank it higher than the other thousands that are out there. Websites either handle their own web design Chicago and SEO, or hire SEO specialists and agencies to handle it for them.

Domains, portals, pages, content, links and great user interfaces for browsers need to be regularly updated and cleaned up, maintained. This is a full time job that can be handled by a company or business's own IT department with possibly the help of an SEO consultant. However, if they do not have their own outfit which can deal with it for them, it is best to contract it out. Long term white hat SEO strategies for Chicago Website Design and SEO are the best way to go and to always stay in the top ten or twenty of any search engine's search results over the years. It is much the same as a healthy advertising and marketing strategy in the real world, but online. That is, it is internet marketing and it has become as serious as real world marketing to any commercial or private enterprise that wants to make it to the top.


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