2 Natural Ways To Enhance Your Penis And 1 Method You Should Avoid

Many manufacturers are doing very good business in the penis enlargement market as they are aware that men are willing to spend money on products that will potentially help them to enlarge their manhood. The fact is that most of these products like pills, pumps and other products do not work. It is important that you have the right information so that you will avoid wasting your money on product that do not work. Here is 2 methods that you can try and 1 method that you should avoid using it.

The first safe method is the Jelqing exercise which is also known as milking your penis exercise. This is a very old ancient method which has been used by many men throughout the years. You will first need to get your manhood to be in the semi erect state and you will warp your manhood with your hand in an OK sign. Once you have done it, you will stroke it up and down for at least 30 times per set. This effective exercise will allow the muscle and cells to grow which will expand the size of your penis.

The second method is the stretching and rotation exercise. You will first need to get your manhood to be in the semi appreciation state. Once you have done that, you will try to stretch it left and right before rotating it clockwise and anticlockwise. This whole exercise is one repetition. You will need to put in some slight force while you are performing this method. You should do at least 20 repetition per set.

You should avoid using the weight hanging method. This method is done by hanging some heavy things to the head of the penis as people think that it helps to pull the manhood to become longer. This can cause potential ligament tear or even deformation if you have hang some object that is too heavy. There are cases where it might even cause the man to become impotent.

You will only want to try the natural enhancement method as it does not cause any side effect.

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