How To Uninstall Babylon


The question and answer: How do I uninstall babylon completely from my computer? I have been one of many who have inadvertently downloaded Babylon onto my computer and even though I have uninstalled it from my programs list AND removed it from the Tools menu and Manage Add Ons, it still remained on my computer, whenever I selected a NEW TAB on Internet Explorer, there was the Babylon search engine.

I searched on the internet for hours for help on this and there were many people giving the above basic and simple suggestions, yet I had already tried these and clearly the problem was much deeper. The designers of this Babylon search engine, that is clearly a trojan virus or something like it, have caught onto people simply uninstalling it from their computer and have, like a real life viruses, morphed and built a resistance to this uninstall process.

I even tried a “systems restore” back to an earlier time, yet the Babylon virus is so complex and sophisticated that it blocked my computer from doing this system restore to an earlier time, and then a message came on screen blaming it on my anti-virus software, which was completely not the case.

Well, after many hours searching, and calling out to Archangel Michael for help with removing this Babylon virus from my computer, my prayers were answered. I came upon a person’s similar experience who was clearly a technical computer wizard who had the answer to my problem. And the answer, described below, is somewhat involved in “delousing” your computer from these bugs for good.

The great news is — it worked! And you too can uninstall Babylon successfully from your computer. These are the steps, yet you must pay careful attention:

STEP 1 – Go to Programs and Uninstall Babylon and the Babylon Toolbar.

STEP 2 – Go to Tools (right hand corner of your Internet browser), then Internet Options, then change your default home page back to or anything other than Babylon.

STEP 3 – Go to Tools, then Manage Add Ons, then Toolbars/Extensions and Search Providers and delete and remove Babylon search engine settings. You may need to search for another search engine to add to this page, in order to then remove Babylon.


STEP 5 – Go to My Computer and do a search. Type in the word – Babylon – in the search section and wait for it to search your whole computer. Delete/Remove all folders and files with Babylon. Now this is where they get really sneaky. They somehow have a resistance to you deleting some of their folders and files. Keep trying and trying, going out of the search, doing a new search, and keep deleting their folders and all Babylon files until they are all gone. You will succeed, don’t give up.


STEP 7 – Click Start button; then enter REGEDIT in the Search text box and double click on “File/Export”.

STEP 8 – Select Edit, then Find and search for Babylon. Delete the first file/folder with Babylon. Then select Edit, then Find again. Delete the second file/folder. Then keep doing this, until your computer says “The computer has finished searching all files on your computer”. You will likely have to do this 10-20 times or more. You will come across some files that do no show the name Babylon on the surface, yet when you put your cursor over them you see the name appear, and of course, delete that file.


You will now have successfully uninstalled and removed Babylon from your computer. This is truly a dark presence / force on the Internet that is designed to cause the greatest aggravation to as many people as possible. I wish you the best in defeating these dark forces.


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