Are Videos Slow on YouTube? Six Steps to Fix a Computer Running Slow Permanently

Everyone who uses YouTube knows how annoying it is when the videos keep freezing or will not even play. Sometimes this is a problem with YouTube but at other times this is an indication of more sinister problems. You can fix this problem with videos slow on YouTube and stop your computer running slow again.

#1 Check your internet connection. This is usually the last thing many people do when in fact it should be the first. Some internet providers start throttling or limiting speeds without even telling you and this will cause this problem. If you want to find out of your ISP is playing dirty with you run an internet speed test. One of the best places to do this is

#2 The second problem may with the software required to pay the videos. Have you ever seen a message saying your version of flash player is out of date or not installed. It may be installed but there may be problems with it. If you have any other video players installed remove them first and then remove and reinstall flash player. Download flash player by searching for it on Google and reinstall it. If this does not solve the problem. Go to the next step

#3 If you are using internet explorer clear out all your cookies, history and temporary files and then run windows update. Sometimes patching internet explorer will solve this problem. With videos slow on YouTube. You can find windows update on the windows start menu usually at the top.

#4 If the above does not work try installing a different browser. Download and install firefox and see if this makes any difference. Sometimes just this simple step will solve your problems.

#5 If the above does not work check there is nothing malicious slowing down your computer. Trojans and spyware will slow your computer right down and have this effect. Run a full virus scan and or download a virus scanner that will also check for spyware as well.

#6 If you still have problems the likely culprit is the registry. As you install and remove programs the registry starts to develop errors and it stores so many entries for different versions of the same software, even those that have been removed, that it starts to cause problems. This easiest way to discover this is to download a registry cleaner and check for errors that are causing videos to run slow on YouTube.

Following these steps will not just make your videos play better but will fix a computer running slow as well.

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