Non-Soldering Robot Kits in Schools


In school’s today, kids are smarter than ever and it is always a challenge for teachers to keep their interests on the subject being taught. At a young age, kids at home are being using laptops, desktops, and even kids level computers like Leapfrog. Kids are also being taught at home not only to read and understand English, but in some cases another language. It has been shown that young kids are more apt to pick up another language at an early age. Due to all of this “schooling” kids are getting at home, teachers have a challenge and that is to keep the kids attention on different subjects like math, science, writing, etc. One way teachers can accomplish this is by introducing the use of non-soldering robot kits. By using non-soldering kits, teachers do not have to keep a close eye on the kids as they would if a hot soldering iron is required. This frees up the teachers to assist all kids with their projects.

There are many different types of non-soldering kits on the market that would keep the attention of all kids. Some kids may enjoy building bug type kits, kits where the robots walk upright, while others may like cars, particularly cars that run by solar energy or water. These kits could be used to help explain different topics or concepts during math class and science class. For instance if kids are learning about geometry, the walking robots could be used to help the kids figure out the best balance the robot to make it walk or even roll. They would need to learn about angles and other geometry concepts. For science class, a solar or water powered robot can help kids learn about alternate fuel sources. These type of non-soldering kits are particularly fun when the car drives around and can shoot balls. A teacher could make a real game of it by having the students target tunnels or cups to shoot the balls into and watch what happens when the fuel cells run down. No matter what subject at school, robot kits can become a teacher’s best friend by having kids pay better attention in class. Kids will enjoy this fun way of learning. Teachers will enjoy how their students pay more attention in class. Parents will be happy their kids are getting better grades. Kids will actually enjoy learning and getting great grades in school.


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