The 5 Best Techno Songs From 1995 to 1999


I have picked out, in my opinion, the 5 Best Techno Songs from 1995 to 1999. I enjoy a wide variety of electronic music, so some of these picks might be better classified as Rave, Electronic Dance, Trance, Eurodance, Electronica or maybe even House. Genres are getting a little too specific anyway, and there are way too many different classifications. So, if the song was at least partly synthetic, and had a good enough beat to dance to it, then it made my list. Techno songs usually have several different mixes of the same song, so if there is a specific version that I like it will be noted after the song title.

Here are my top 5 picks, in chronological order…

1. Children (Eat Me Edit) by Robert Miles, 1995

I picked this specific mix because it contains the famous piano riff, which ironically was not in the original version of this song. One of the reasons this song was written was to have something more calm to listen to at the end of a dance to help reduce the number of car accidents. No matter what the reason was for its creation, it’s a wonderful song.

2. Insomnia by Faithless, 1995

I was introduced to this song recently, so I didn’t know about it when it first came out. This song was made by a British dance group and was released as their second single. It of course became one of their most popular. It’s the best song to play late at night when you can’t sleep.

3. Trip Like I Do by The Crystal Method, 1997

I’ll be honest; the main reason why I like this song is because it uses lines from the movie The Dark Crystal. It’s always been one of my favorite movies and most arguably Jim Henson’s greatest work. Oh, and I almost forgot, the song is good too.

4. Believe by Cher, 1998

This song was the very first to use the vocal pitch correcting software called Auto-Tune. Since then many bands, especially in dance music, have taken advantage of this effect. I’ve used it myself, and it’s very fun. Now, I wouldn’t consider Cher a Techno artist, but this is still a fun dance tune with cool effects.

5. Blue (Da Ba Dee) by Eiffel 65, 1999

A lot of people misinterpreted the lyrics when this song first came out, some of them are quite funny, but in reality they were just nonsensical lyrics. The music video includes CGI animation of blue aliens and live band members fighting with them. I would recommend watching it with subtitles. It’s a great song that’s fun to sing with your own lyrics.

A few others I considered for the list were: Around the World by Daft Punk 1996, Barbie Girl by Aqua 1997 & Ray of Light by Madonna 1998.

Whether you agree with my picks or not, there is no disputing that Techno music is one of the most influential genres out there, and a dance is not a dance without it.


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