Quickly Teach Yourself to Play Piano


I am going to make a promise to you right here and now, by the time you finish reading this article you can teach yourself to play piano quickly and easily. Well, given you have the want of course I’ll tell you how to play 8 simple chords at least anyway. Now of course there is many other factors that come into playing the piano and it takes years to master, however by the time you can make a pot of coffee you can learn these chords.

Let me assume you have a piano or keyboard of some sort in front of you. This is kind of an important step of course. Now, look at your piano (or keyboard of course). Do you see a pattern? The black keys are in two groups, a group of two keys and a group of three. All along those keys are a stream of white keys. Now for every two groups of black keys there’s a group of eight white keys. This is very important you see these keys before moving on.

Starting in the middle of the piano, the first white key you see on the left of the group of two black keys is the ” Middle C” key. Go ahead, press it. Notice if you press it hard it makes a louder sound than if you press it softly. Followed to the right by “D”, “E”, “F”, “G” and then “A”, “B” and finally “C” again. Go ahead and press them all and listen to the sounds they make. Do you notice how it in exactly the same place according to the black keys only higher up the keyboard? This is called a higher “Octave” “C”. There is really only 13 different tones on the piano, but many different octaves. Cool huh? In fact, make a “La” or “Do” sound with your mouth and press the keys one at a time until it matches the sound coming out of your mouth, then you will know what note you were singing.

Okay, now time to get you playing some music. Starting in the middle “C” of the keyboard, press down the middle “C”, “E” and “G” keys at the same time, this is called a “C Chord”. Notice how there is one white key in between each of your fingers. This is important for this lesson because all eight chords will look exactly the same way, just in a different place on the keyboard. So if you move all three of your fingers to the right by one key you are now playing a D minor chord. Simple, huh?

Can you guess what the E minor chord is? That’s right, you just move all your fingers one more step to the right. I know what you’re thinking and yes you do know the rest of the chords already. The following chords are “F Chord”, “G Chord”, “A minor Chord”, “B diminished chord” and finally you repeat the “C chord” only in a higher octave. You getting all of this?

How about playing an easy song? OK well it’s very important here that you know the song that you’re playing so I’ll go with the Ultra-Famous “Lean on Me“. Almost everyone has heard this song at one time or another in their life. Now Play the song in your head and read along to these chords starting on the middle “C Chord” to make it easier on you. This song is just my interpretation and is not to be confused with sheet music in any way.

C (pause) C – Dm – Em- F (pause) F-Em-Dm-C (pause) C-Dm-Em-Em-Dm

C (pause) C – Dm – Em- F (pause) F-Em-Dm-C (pause) C-Dm-Em-Bd-C

Well that’s it for now, but I hope this has shown you just how fun it can be to learn Piano, or any other instrument. Keep it up and make sure practice as much as you can without it feeling like a chore.


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