WoW Macro Addon – The Lazy Player’s Path To Awesome Effectiveness


Yes, you got me. I’m one of those players that likes to get a maximum effect with a minimum of effort. But I think there are many other players that think like me. That’s why I’ve been working with a WoW macro addon.

You probably have learned so far, that without macros and a balanced keybinding you can’t score a high DPS, or keep everyone alive as a healer. However, writing your own macros takes time and requires LUA programming skills. And I’m not talking here about the easy “/use” macros for your trinket and 1-2 other abilities. I’m talking about heavy macros that allow your to reduce the whole activity of your toon to 2-3 buttons.

Are you eager to become a programmer just to play a game? Not me. My every day job and classes are enough. World of Warcraft should be a place of fun and escapism. I don’t want more work!

So, what made me use a WoW macro addon?

After reading this paragraph, you will call me a hater. Here are my reasons for using such a program:

– I hate to miss my spell rotation in PvE;

– I hate to lose in arena because sometimes I’m just not fast enough to cast all the required spells;

– I hate it when the class I play has so many abilities, items to use, potions or other stuff that I cannot fit in my quick bar;

– And I also hate it when other players laugh at me because I don’t play my toon at best;

Now, I knew that I could correct all that with the proper macros, but didn’t want to waste time writing any.

Since I use loads of addons even for the most unimportant tasks, I figured I should also look for an addon for macros. Luckily, I found one and it’s simply awesome. Here’s what it did for me.

How did a WoW macro addon help me out

I know that the concept of an addon for macros sounds a bit dubious. That’s what I thought too. But only the thought that I could automatically load the macros I needed into my UI, made me curious.

To my surprise, not only that I got to use just some macros, were the exact ones that the best WoW players use. Also, with the balanced keybinding for every spec and class, my effectiveness went through the roof in the next raid and people worshiped me!


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