Jesus Changes Lives

My mind was full of confusion and I thought relief.
My life was filled with turmoil, my soul was full of grief.

My head had been filled with so many lies, I did not know what was truth.
I just wanted this pain to go away, I did not feel like I could survive it another day.

I was sick to my stomach when I thought of the life I had led.
I felt so all alone, my eyes had no tears left to shed.

If only I knew of someone I could meet.
All I needed was a little help in getting back on my feet.

I fought out for help and thrust my hands in the air.
I surprised if there was help for me anywhere out there.

Then as I walked along the road with my head hanging to the ground,
I saw a piece of paper blowing around.

I picked it up, it was a gospel tract,
The title said, "I can help you win your life back"!

I thought to myself, how, and who could this be,
inside the booklet it said, my name is Jesus, just call upon me.

This person said he was the way, the truth, and the life,
and if I trusted in him He could make things right.

As the tract instructed, I got on my knees,
and cried out to Jesus saying, "will you help me, PLEASE"!

I do not know you but I am willing to seek you as you say,
and give my life over to you and trust you all the way.

From that day my life changed, my days no longer were gray,
Oh how thankful I am I found my help in JESUS ​​on that fateful day.

(c) written by Sherri C. Walker

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