Is It More Beneficial to Buy Black Tea Than Green Tea?


Studies have shown that around 6 billion cups of tea are consumed each day across the world and that pretty much justifies the rise in demand of a perfect brew.

Green or black? Whatever the color may be, a cup of tea can derive great benefits on a person’s body and mind. So, which kind of tea is better? Should one purchase black tea or the green one? Well, the answer to this is a bit tricky but let’s explore!

Both the variants – green tea and black tea, have immense benefits and specific characteristics that work wonders for different health conditions.

Here are the benefits of black tea:

• Reduces risk of several diseases like- osteoporosis, diabetes, high cholesterol, Parkinson’s disease, and kidney stones.

• It calms down nerves and functions as a great stress buster. Sipping a hot brew after a tiring day can relax senses and promotes sound sleep.

• A cup of black chai with some drops of lemon juice immediately treats a bad headache.

• Regular consumption of black chai induces bone strength, thanks to the presence of phytochemicals in it.

• Benefits of black cha also include reduction of plaque formation that improves oral health.

• Polyphenols and catechins are two antioxidants present in black tea that shrink the growth of cancerous tumors. Black cha has been scientifically proven to be more beneficial in this case than its counterpart.

The USA and Europe are recorded to buy black chai in maximum volume.

However, green tea is not much behind in race to become the best choice out of the two.

Benefits of green tea:

Green tea also illustrates various health benefits and is fast becoming a popular drink. Various skin benefits derived from green tea have made it the most sought-after product in Japan and China. More of its benefits are-

• Improves digestion, carbs and sugar metabolism.

• Consumption of green chai with any non-citric fruit improves immunity.

• Useful antioxidants present in green cha also increase blood flow and help in weight reduction.

• Lowers the risk of developing Type II diabetes.

According to research conducted on 69,710 Chinese women, around 57% of them had lower chances of colorectal cancer. Another study highlighted that men who drink green chai have 48% less chances of prostate cancer.

So, it comes down to a decisive draw between the two kinds of tea. Apart from their color and flavor, both impart great results for a person as they have the same origin. Hence, one can alternatively purchase black tea or green tea without many dilemmas, or can also choose as per one’s preference.


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