Popular Women Costumes for Halloween 2011

Halloween is one of those holidays that just can not be beat. And when it comes to buying Halloween costumes, we all like to pick things on trend that will really impress people. Every year there are costumes from different movies, television shows and other great sources that come to the forefront of popularity. For women costumes, there are lots to choose from, from sexy to trendy and everything in between.

For those women who do not needarily need to get franchise or character specific, vampires are still very much in. They have been since last year, with the popularity of True Blood and Vampire Diaries, and continue to be this year. If the remake of Fright Night is proof, the trend carrying strong. You can choose to get a Halloween costume of a specific character, but you can definitely take it up yourself to vamp it up though you'd like! Whether it's a sexy, modern vampiress or a more traditional horror movie costume, you can go anyway you like with this theme and still be sporting one of the hot trends of the season.

As far as movie characters go, there's a few to look into for this year. Superheroes have had a lot of great movies, and although they have all focused on male heroes, women costumes like Wonder Woman and Batgirl are going to be just as popular as the male counterparts, especially if you are looking to go out as a couple. Tron was also huge last December but since it came out post-Halloween, you are going to see a lot of people dressed up in Tron costumes this year. Quorra was the female lead, played by Olivia Wilde, so if you want to go with a sci-fi theme, it's the hot one to choose.

Harry Potter just finished up its last movie but that does not mean it is going anywhere. If anything, the presence of Potter fans will be stronger this Halloween. For women costumes, you can go with Hermione as a standard choice, but think outside the box. Bellatrix, Luna Lovegood, even Professor Mcgonagall are all interesting choices! Or, you can go as a female version of the Chosen One himself!

Any of these choices this Halloween will be perfect for your adult costume. You'll have one of the most popular costumes of the year and look great at whatever function you are attending. You'll win the costume contest and look fabulous doing it!

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