Free Net Meeting


Net Meeting is powerful software that connects people in real time through an Internet connection. Net Meeting is a popular tool that can be used for online conferences. Free Net Meeting is available on many Web sites, where the software is provided free of charge. Many people are unaware of the advantages of free Net Meeting.

Online Net Meeting allows a host to hold as many meetings as he wants for as long as he wants. There is no overage charge or extra fee for this. Free Net Meeting software will reduce the travel cost, save time and productivity considerably. Net Meeting is a great boon for big as well as small businesses since business meetings can be arranged without much hassle or expense. Even traveling businessmen can carry on their day to day affairs with ease and flexibility.

In free Net Meetings, files created with specialized applications such as CAD drawings are viewable. There are no complicated logs or setups. User friendly interface and ease of functioning are added advantages. Chat, whiteboard, file transfer, application sharing and audio and video conferencing are the facilities provided with the free Net Meeting software.

Free Net Meeting software typically requires users to register online by username and the password for an account. Once registered, any number of meetings can be arranged on this free Net Meeting software. Free Net Meeting software often includes features that can boost all internet related software. Virtually no training is required for working with free Net Meeting software; even a novice can master the functioning in a limited time.

Net Meeting utility is primarily provided by Microsoft Corporation. Alternatives to this are focusfocus, Teamview, the Internet Comm Suite etc. which have similar features and sometimes added advantages, depending on your personal needs.


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