Pros and Cons of Offshore Software Development


Offshore software development is something that more and more software development companies are looking into. Like anything in business, there are benefits as well as drawbacks to offshore software development. Each company has to determine for themselves whether the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Many companies decide to give their Arizona software development a boost by doing some of their business offshore.

If you are in business you have no doubt heard of offshore companies as well as offshore bank accounts and all of the perks that come along with them. If you need to outsource some of your Arizona software design work you may want to send it offshore. Not only can you often get the work done in a hurry you can also get it done for savings. If your company has taken off and you would like to protect your assets, why not consider going offshore with offshore asset protection?

You can create a Phoenix software design company offshore. The way that you can do this is the same way that you would do it onshore. The first thing you need to do is set the corporation up with all of the necessary paperwork, which an offshore management service can help you do. Next, you need to be a person or even hire a person that will be good at designing the interface of your program. In addition to this you will need one or more programmers that will lay out the framework of the program, and then you need a coder to help you code the program. In addition to all of this you need someone to help sell to clients. The great thing about doing this offshore is that there are limitations on the taxes that you will pay; the drawback will be that some people may think you are an illegitimate business because you are offshore. Generally speaking, the tax benefits outweigh the stigma attached with offshore corporations.

What is nice about having an offshore company when you get it all set up is that you can protect all of your assets in the instance of litigation. If you have a Scottsdale software design company and someone decides to sue, the court in Scottsdale cannot touch your assets offshore. This is a nice protection for corporations to have no matter what they sell because it gives them a bit of protection. Having an offshore corporation or at least some offshore bank accounts will also help the company maintain some amount of privacy and will help reduce the taxes that they would pay onshore, even if the bank accounts or corporation must be reported to the United States IRS.

The drawbacks of having an offshore bank account or corporation is the inability to simply walk into a bank, all of the paperwork associated with starting up your bank account or corporation, and becoming accustomed with the laws in the offshore jurisdiction where you will be doing business. Other than this there are not any serious negatives associated with offshore software development, in fact it can be the most profitable way to do business.


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