How Do I Put Movies Onto My iPod? – Upload All Types of Videos Onto Your iPod Easily


Do you own an iPod touch iPhone or other other type of iPod video device? If so then I'm fairly certain you would like to utilize its full capabilities and put some videos on it. The only problem is that you can not simply drag and drop most video files onto your iPod, you have to first convert them into iPod video format and then you will be able to upload them onto the device. So for all you iPod owners wondering, How do I put Movies onto my iPod, wonder no more as I am going to show a quick and easy way to put movies on your iPod today.

The video format for all iPod devices is the Mpeg-4 video format, so in order to put any type of video file onto your iPod you will first have to convert it into the MP4 format. Now to carry out this procedure you will have to grab a decent iPod video converter, there are many of these programs out there but you should get one that is suited to your needs. You see some Converters will only allow you to convert DVDs into iPod video format, whereas the better products will allow you to convert all types of video formats including divx, xvid, flv, WMV, avi etc. Into Mpeg-4 and let you enjoy watching movies on your iPod no matter where you got them from.

Manually converting DVD's into Mpeg-4 format is quit a mission and is only recommended for advanced computer users. You have to download a bunch of programs and the procedure becomes quite tedious if you have a lot of DVD's or movies to transfer. First you will have top decrypt the DVD onto your hard drive: you will need a program for this. Then you got to convert the decrypted files into avi format, once again another program is required for this. Finally you will then need to convert the avi into MPEG-4 and then you can upload the DVD Movie onto your iPod, pretty time consuming and confusing huh!

Do not stress there is a simpler way, in order to put movies onto your iPod in one easy step you should download a good iPod video converter. Most of these programs offer a free download so you can start putting movies on your iPod right away. Not only will they let you put DVDs on your iPod but also all other common video types, and they will carry out the whole conversion process at the click of a few buttons. A decent iPod Video conversion tool is a must have item for any dedicated iPod user who wants to fully take advantage of their iPod's features.

So, how do I Put Movies onto My iPod, should not be a question that should concern you anymore as you can easily put movies on your iPod using a proper iPod Video conversion tool. Just make sure that you can convert DVD to iPod Suite. It is the program that I use on a regular basis to put movies on my iPod and I must say it is very easy to use and pretty cool software to own. You can download it for free by visiting the link below …


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