Minimum, Medium, and Maximum Security Prisons – Differences in Security Levels

Our prisons facility is designed to house those people convicted with an offense. One reason of putting a criminal in jail is for rehabilitation. While undergoing treatment inside the confinement area, each criminal is provided with appropriate security to ensure that no one will ever escape. Security measures is undertaken to make sure that the inmates while serving sentence is safe from harm. The rights of all the prisoners inside the facility is also preserve, although there are restrictions on some of the privileges but as far as possible they are accorded with the equal protection of the law. However, the degree of the security given to its convict is dependent on the intensity of the crime committed.

Safety measures in the establishments that housed a criminal is categorized into minimum, medium and maximum security. This is done to separate the first time offender from the most highly dangerous criminal. It is also one way of ensuring that those low risk criminal will not be influence by those seasoned inmates. To understand the different level of security implemented by the management of jail and penology on prisoners let us elaborate further the discussion on the three classifications of security so that we can appreciate the beauty of prison.

Minimum security prison – this is one of the classification of prison wherein the security being implemented is lenient. It is designed to accommodate people convicted with light offenses. Prisoners are not so well guarded because most inmates are classified as low-risk. Most crimes committed by the offenders are minor and majority of them are first time law-breaker. Inmates have more freedom of movement within the prison facility and they are not restricted to interact with other convicts.

Medium security prison – the security level applied in this particular category is not so loose but not also really tight. However, there are restrictions applied on some privileges and on the movement of the prisoners inside the area of detention.

Maximum security prison – those inmates sentenced to life and with penalty of death were placed in this prison facility. This serves as the home of those high risk and most dangerous criminals. Prisoners movement is highly restricted and the inmates activity is closely monitored. A very high level of security is being implemented in this prison facility.

Extremely hazardous prisoners is given a maximum security while lesser precaution is employed to the first time law-breaker. But no matter how we treat those criminals in jail we still have to respect its rights as human being.

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