Tips For Choosing Songs For A Wedding


Since couples nowadays are more hands-on in preparations than before, several of the aspects of the wedding itself can now be personalized. In fact, one of the favorite aspects of the ceremony that couples often spend a lot of time on customizing is the music, from the very first parade song to the selection of dance songs in the reception itself.

If you would like to personalize your own wedding song selection, here are some tips you might want to consider.

Decide on the theme. The theme in the reception can be applied to the music in the ceremony also, so decide on the wedding theme immediately (and stick with it). Will it be lively? Will it be generally groovy and upbeat? You can also go for retro if your guests are more on the older age group, or you can choose to be more solemn and go for the ballads. The important thing is that the music will complement the theme, the guests, and the couple itself in the ceremony.

Doable. Another factor that might influence your song list would be how the songs are going to be played. You see, if you are planning on hiring a group to perform the songs, you will be limited to the type of music that the group can play. For example, you cannot expect a string quartet to play bass-thumping dance songs. On the other hand, you cannot also expect to achieve the solemn clarity of an acapella performance even if you use the most advanced music player. You can also reach a compromise between the two if you want. It all depends on the planning.

Check the church rules. First thing you need to do is to check if the church actually allows changes in the selection. You see, although a lot of churches are now open to couples choosing their wedding music, some churches still remain adamant in keeping the traditional ones. Churches like San Agustin Church have some restrictions when it comes to songs for the wedding. So before you spend a lot of time browsing through your albums for the perfect songs, ask permission from the parish priest and church administrators. Whether you are having your wedding at Binondo Church or some other church, first if you can make some changes to the wedding music and then submit your selection to them as soon as possible for approval.

Special sentimental reasons. Is there any song in particular that means a lot to you as a couple? Do you and your partner share the same type of music? If so, this will make it easier to customize the songs in the wedding.

These are merely guidelines to help you in choosing the songs. If you would like to leave the selection to the organizer or to the church, then it is also your choice as a couple.


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