FAP Turbo – All You Need to Know About the FAP Turbo


Among the many forex trading software out in the market now is the Forex Auto Pilot or FAP Turbo. Like its fellow online robots, you need to purchase and download it onto your computer before being able to start trading.

When you purchase the package, you will receive an FAP Turbo manual, access to the members' forum and monthly updates of the software. Be sure to read and understand everything that is provided here before trying to use your robot. It is recommended that you test this software on a demo account first to minimize your risk parameters. Once you know how this robot works, you can adjust your settings to suit your preferences and this will determine how your account grows.

Unique to the FAP Turbo is its scalper, which makes it possible to trade with a rather wide range of currencies, namely USD, EUR, GBP, CHF and CAD. This scalper enables the robot to trade up to six times in a day, depending on the market conditions. It trades using a known pattern, usually beginning with the New York session and then moving on to the Asian one.

A key advantage of this software is its stealth feature which keeps away brokers who might be trying to get into your account and tamper or adjust it. It has been programmed in a way to hide essential information relating to your account from unscrupulous brokers.

It has been said that if you have any questions about the FAP Turbo and the way in which it works, it is best to turn for support to the members' forum. This forum is very active, quick and effective and at times you will find the creators of the program stepping in to help and guide you.

This expert advisor has published real money statements on its website, giving present and future users an insight into trading figures and what kind of profits to expect. If you are looking to learn about the FAP Turbo, visiting this site would increase your knowledge of the product.

The FAP Turbo offers a 60 day money back guarantee and works on autopilot after you have set it up on the MetaTrader four software. As long as your computer is turned on and you are connected to the internet, the FAP Turbo will trade for you and keep you updated of the latest trades every fifteen minutes. Indeed, this little assistant works hard to trade cleverly for you.


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