How I Went From Zero To $ 1,000 A Month?


It's really an amazing story and experience to tell everyone how I went from zero to over $ 1000 a month in my money blogging and writing career. Honestly, when I decide to go full time money blogging back in December 2007 I said to myself "hey, can I really do it – like joining the stiff competition in money blogging online? I have no experience how to work with codes, widgets, snippets, html editing and the whole SEO thing.

So, this is how I went from basically zero to over $ 1,000 a month blogging income. I know a lot of top bloggers earn $ 25,000 up to $ 100,000 a month but for me this achievement is already something for the past four months active money blogging and learning on the worldwide web.

Learn blogging fast

After I have decided to go full time blogging and writing for online clients I know I should learn as fast as I could as a blogger. I have high regards in myself I could do it and become professional blogger in the process. Actually, my greatest problem when I started blogging back in September 2007 was on the technical aspect of it. I knew I have no knowledge about html, codes, snippets, widgets. However, for the writing side I am also confident I can do it because I had been writing since high school and became a professional Journalist and newspaper editor for more than 10 years. In December last year I bought my PC and start the new career I have chosen to grow five years from now. So what I did were sleepless nights of studying the basics and technical aspects of blogging. Of course, there were lots of trial and errors but those became my guiding light to discover the art of money blogging in barely two months.

Maintain your expenses

When I knew some bloggers in the net saying that it's not easy to blog and you should be able to earn immediately I was afraid I could not sustain the expenses that maybe incurred like the buying of domains, monthly hosting and other expenses to be incurred. So what I did to apply a few of my blogs to Smorty, Sponsored Reviews, AW Survey, Bloggerwave and other sites where I can get paid by writing short reviews. You can also do this when you do not have enough money to sustain blogging cost. Then I also started to accept writing for some clients online.


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