PC Microphones

Personal computer (PC) microphones are one of the computer accessories, which enable video conferencing, Internet chat, etc. They are plug-in-components and can be easily attached to computers. PC microphones make use of sound cards, which amplifies the signals from microphone. PC microphones are reasonably priced and ranges from $ 10 to $ 60. These microphones are connected to the computers using cords with various lengths and one has to purchase considering the length of the wire keeping in mind the purpose. Powered mics are used in PCs as they generate strong signals.

Unidirectional mics or omni directional mics may be used in PCs. Unidirectional mics pick up sound waves from a single direction and omni directional mics Pick up sound waves from varied directions. The features to be noted before going in for a purchase are accuracy of these sound cards, noise filter options, comfort of the headsets, the length of the cords, and the mountability of the mic on the monitor.

There are two types of PC microphones based on the way they are connected to the computers. They may be connected to sound cards or to Universal Serial Bus (USB). The quality of recording and audio output varies depending on the type of mic selected. When sound cards are used, the recording process is done within the computer itself. The quality of recording is not good in this method, because of the internal noise caused by the computers. When the mics are connected to PC's by USB, the recording is done externally and this serves as an advantage regarding the quality of the recording. The process of recording is free from the internal noise of computers and so high quality recording is made possible. Before purchasing and installing a particular type of mics, many things have to be taken into consideration. They must support any future technological improvements.

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