A Dark Wanderer and Music Without Lyrics-Mysterious Symptoms


We all just keep on dancing
dancing with the devil
ignoring every scream around us.
We hold up our blankets
cover our our eyes
and go to the next step
that we have listed for our lives.

I thought I heard a baby crying.

The population is numb to seeing
singing all the way
they seem to have forgotten the lyrics.
Music without lyrics
try to find the music lyrics to the song.
There must be a meaning somewhere.

I thought I heard a baby crying.

I closed the shudders
then walked toward the doorway
thinking I was mistaken
and must have missed my cue,
mysterious symptoms.
I will still request flowers in the morning.
What else is there to do?

It is the legend of a universal sorrow
that blinds these bridges.
It is the weeping of the stains
left behind.
I do not find comfort in your vigils
candles on my behalf
or suggestions you hear a babies moan
a wake set in place,
you never understood them anyway.

Men in pain
reading tarot cards in the desert
I make free coloring pages
fairies and dragons
and wait to hear them singing.
Thumbelina let me be your wings
fly toward the next chapter of the story
music without lyrics.

I thought I heard a baby crying.

Forever the dark wanderer,
looking for romantic ways to propose
to the bodies of mature women.
Their arms remain folded
they will indeed continue
holding beads of promise.
Shy love and the fantasy art of exotic women
is heard at the end of each day.

And ohhh
I thought I heard a baby crying.

I listened for their call
but the stones had already met the water.
There is a goddess post
one of linseed and blue
it covers the containers with mysterious symptoms.
I tagged their recognitions none the less.
One day there will be lilacs
youthful innocence.

I thought I heard a baby crying
but no
tiny infant calling
perhaps once
had ceased its breathing.


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