Permanent Weight Loss – A Question of Re-Programming

This morning I received an email from my great friend Jen. In it was a question asked by the cybernetics engineer Norbert Weiner in response to a question, about how to determine the causes of schizophrenia, from his friend and epidemiologist, Gregory Bateson.

The email went on to adapt the question into one that I found most revealing. So I though you may like to ponder over it as I have done …

"If you were going to build a machine that produced a battle with weight, size, shape and food the way you do it, what would the machine need to do?"

Think about it and write down your own answers before you read what mine were. Do not forget, we are all definitely different and your machine may be quite different from mine!

So my machine (as it used to be) was developed to run a program that …

1. Constantly identified food as 'good' or 'bad' so I scared it and yet craved it.

2. Ran continuous movies about the 'bad' food and how much I loved to eat it.

3. Was based on a negative body image 'platform' (belief system) that considered my weight, size and shape was all wrong.

4. Contain a database of negative messages that I was not 'good enough' to be loved, and distributed them consistently.

5. Picked up all external messages that reinforced that I was not 'good enough' and added them to the database.

6. Easily stored negative and unhappy memories.

7. Made the storage of positive and joyous memories difficult and inaccessible for quick retrieval.

8. Easily triggered the rebellious 'child within me', giving permission for me to eat whatever and whenever I wanted.

9. Preverted me from connecting my mind to my body.

10. Triggered binge eating as a means of avoiding my emotions and the truth within them that was there for me to learn from.

This was obviously a virus-riddled program and the awful thing was, I had created it for myself! So that was the key. If I had created it for myself I could definately repair it. All I had to do was develop an anti-virus that created exactly the opposite thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviors from my list above.

No it is not a 'quick fix' but as we know they never work out well in the long run. It certainly has been life and weight changing though.

By answering the question yourself you will also have the basis from which to modify your present program, rebuilding your machine without all its negative viruses.

Happy re-programming!

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