Far Cry 3 Review


This is a shooter genre game. It is produced with unique features. It involves a series of shootings that enables the game to be one of the most anticipated productions. The pictures of this game are just perfect and awesome. Players have been awaiting the release of this game since long. Because of its interesting nature, you cannot afford to miss it. The designers and producers of Far Cry 3 have convinced game players that it is hot indeed. The scenes in this game are not something to assume. They give a true picture and imaginations required of such a game. The shooting environment is worth the game. This is as a result of its welcoming activities. This game is developed by Crytek and is given unique attributes which satisfy the game lovers.

Game Theme

The Far Cry 3 game is quite different from its original version. There are new features, characters and setting as well. This game revolves around the theme of insanity. It has been viewed as the best game in this category. The characters in this game try to emulate Jason Brody who goes out with his family and allies for an adventure. The Jason’s are captured by slave merchants and held in a treacherous island.

This game becomes interesting as you continue playing it. This is because it entails terrible vengeance and personal innovation. It has an undisputed line of violence. It ensures that players are not discouraged to watch or play this game with its attractive motions. This game is set up in a tropical environment with dense flora inhabited by fauna.

In this game, the characters are able to use various weapons to fight their enemies. The characters are able to make and install hidden traps with grenades on them. This ensures that the game is enjoyable and brings out some sense in it. They can as well burn the trees and confuse their enemies by throwing rock pebbles. The pebbles are thrown in the bushes in a particular direction to confuse their enemies. This makes the enemies not determine the direction they are coming from.


The players have to buy the weapons to use from the available shops and weapon stores. This makes the game incredible and real. The buying of weapons in this game becomes realistic to many game lovers. Therefore, the characters must sell animal skins in order to get money for buying the weapons. They can as well use the available maps which direct them to the weapons stores. The weapons are accurately used in taking down the opponents. The characters are able to use a good number of weapons like suppressors, bows and arrows and the wide distance scopes. The use of silencers just takes it all. This is because the player is able to make a kill without being noticed. Remember that Brody’s dagger is also one wonderful tool to use.

Since the tools are customized, you are able to use numerous combinations to attack. You can use a bow and arrow with complete fire arrows and customized grenades. This ensures that the enemies are killed in large numbers. The players can also make their guy to hide in the bushes and sneak in order to make a kill. This tactic catches the enemies off- guard. This game also enables players to build their experience as they play this game. The Far Cry 3 game is seen as a unique version of the Far Cry games. It ensures effective movement of the characters as compared to the previous versions. You can customize the weapons in the game in case they are not customized. This is one among several features and attributes of the Far Cry 3 game. This game also has ensured that players get to know the skills required for a particular fight. Players are able to destroy their enemies as silent killers using appropriate tactics. This can be achieved by using hiding techniques. The players have to hide in the above trees. This enables them to kill the enemies from above unexpectedly.


Therefore, you cannot afford to miss this incredible shooter game involving a series of killings. This game is rated highly and many game lovers are waiting for its release soon. Its release is set for December 4, 2012 for Personal Computers, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.


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