Attraction Marketing – Secrets of Search Engine Optimization For Better Online Lead Generation


Attraction marketing, by definition, includes identifying and drawing to you the people most qualified and likely to be interested in what you've got. There are dozens of ways to structure your marketing this way, and today we're going to talk about working with the search engines and 'optimizing' your approach online to reach these ideal prospects for free!

When people go online, it's either to shop, socialize, or most often to get information to solve a problem. In the case of your MLM prospect, it could have been a problem related to something your products can solve, or your business opportunity. Either way, your prospect is typing words and phrases into the search field that they think is mostly likely to return the results they're looking for. Here's where it gets really fun!

Let's just talk about Google, because a) it owns the online world pretty much and b) the others are not that different. Google wants to deliver one thing to their searchers – exactly what they're looking for the first time. For that reason, the words they use to search are critically important to make the connection between the searcher, Google, and you.

You want to have lots of content all over the internet with the kinds of words that your ideal prospect is likely to type into Google. This can be on your website or blog, or it can be in your articles, forum posts, or posts in social media locations. Of course, Google can 't (yet)' find 'words inside audio and video, but even there you can use the right words in your description field, which will help.

Google looks all over the place to find the best results to give this searcher, and prioritizes what they find by the words used by you in your content. Are you getting the clue here that choosing the right words is pretty important?

Now be smart – do not use words that have tons and tons of competition, like 'work from home' and 'make money online.' There is no way you're going to beat out the superstars who have been working to rank on those phrases for years. Look for related phrases that get decent searches (use Google's free keyword tool, or the free version of Wordtracker) but are less competitive. These phrases are generally longer, 4+ words, and may get a few hundred to 1,000 searches per month. You may think that's not a lot, but if you build content around several of these phrases, it really adds up and you're much more likely to get on the first page of results when you're strategic about using them in the right places .

What are these right places? Well, in your article titles and within your articles, same with your blog posts (which in WordPress becomes the title of that page as well), in your signature file when you participate in forums, and wherever you have a chance to leave a link . It's most powerful if you use what's called 'anchor text,' which you can see an example of below. It's simply putting your phrase in some simple code to make it a blue clickable link, because that tells Google that the URL linked with that anchor text is about this particular keyword subject.

You can learn more about that by doing a simple search for 'anchor text' yourself! See who comes up on the first page – it will be because Google finds their information most relevant, just you want them to find yours!


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