Remove Defense Center – Learn How I Removed Defense Center From My Computer Using Free Tools


What is Defense Center?

If you think it is a Antivirus software, then you are wrong. Defense Center is a fake malware removal program. The name and the software design makes you feel that it is a genuine antivirus product. But in reality it is a rougue program designed to mislead the user by showing fake security warnings. These fake security warnings show messages which says that your computer is infected with many trojans and viruses.

Defense Center will change your desktop background image and will disable most of the windows functionality. Windows firewall and the windows automatic update feature will be disabled. It will run computer virus scanning automatically and shows results that it found many infections on your computer. It will then force you to buy a licensed version of removal software to remove the infections. You must know that these warnings and scan reports are all fake. This is just to scare you into buying their fake program. If you are one of those users who bought this software, then you should inform your bank to cancel the payment.

One Easy Method To Remove Defense Center From Your Computer

Although this fake program shows uninstall options in Windows Control panel, it will not remove the program. If you are a computer expert then you can manually remove the rogue programs file and its registry entries. Extra care should be taken when dealing the registry files.

One other easy option is to use free spyware removal tools to safely remove Defense Center. You need to scan your computer using free spyware removal program. The program will find and remove all the virus infected files from your computer automatically.


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