Mind Programming – What's That? How the Mind Creates Your Reality!

Did you realize that your Mind is Programmed? Huh? My Mind is Programmed? Yes, in fact it is! What does that mean to me, really? I wanted to learn how to control my mind in order to create more abundance, wealth and health in my life. I discovered that controlling the mind was the answer to making anything happen in my life.

I found out that my mind was programmed. It was programmed to a setting called "default". If I was happy with my life and what was happening in it, then my default setting was good to go! But, there were areas in my life that I was not exactly thrilled with. I wanted to make more money. I wanted to be happier. I wanted to have a deep loving relationship. Want, want, want. OK, so my life was not exactly a "Pocket full of sunshine!"

How did I come to realize that my mind was programmed? I did some research. I studied website after website on google. I read articles and books about the mind, psychology and The Law of Attraction. As I began this path, I came to this truth; What the mind thinks to be true becomes true. Our minds become programmed at an early age by our parents, teachers, friends and society in general. If you had a great childhood then you are probably experiencing happiness as an adult. If you childhood was not exactly fun, then you probably are having some "issues" in your adult life. This is when it becomes our responsibility to fix our lives.

Meditation is the portal to accessing the mind. Incorporating meditation into your life gives you the key to unlock your own mind. Once inside, you can get rid of the garbage that you do not like and put in its place things you do like – hello happy life!

Anything that you are experiencing in your life [yes, anything] you can either accept as true for you, or you can set about changing it. I choose changing it.

I learned how to program my mind for everything I desired and once I gained control of my "settings" I was able to create all those things I desired – and quickly too! It's like swimming with the current in a stream, instead of going against it!

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