Sharp UX P-100 Printer Review and Guide


Do you find yourself constantly asking what other people think about products? Are you one of those people that find yourself always double checking reviews before purchasing something? Well we going to review the Sharp UX P-100 Printer and discuss some of its features, price range, and general performance.

Sometimes one of the best places to start when reviewing something specifically an electronic appliance is to consider space. How much space do you actually have to set up a new machine? Well this Sharp system happens to be able to fit even in the smallest of spaces due to its small size. So space here is definitely not an issue.

Some people like to fully understand how a product works before purchasing it. Well that is definitely encouraged in case something happens and the product needs to be fixed or replaced altogether. Well the Sharp UX-P100 Printer uses a ribbon for its printing purposes. This ribbon can easily found within your printing machine.

Ribbon printing is not horrible the only main concern people have with it is whether or not it is completely functional. Well the answer here is yes and there are several little tricks that you can do as well to get more life out of your ribbon. The reason some people complain about this type of printing is because the ribbon initially costs around $ 20.00 to purchase.

Once the ribbon transfers spools completely most people throw them out. Well here is the secret. If you are careful you can rewind the ribbon back onto the starting spool. If done correctly you can actually get 2x the life out of the ribbon. The quality of printing lasts roughly the same with maybe only slightly less sharpness here and there. Most people who have performed this step do not usually have any noticeable problems.

Like most machines this one has some of the comparable features of others. It has the capacity to store up to 30 numbers for fast and effective dialing. Also it can handle up to 24 pages of printing if you happen to need that many all at once. The printer itself only holds 10 pages so once page 9 is taken you have to restock the printer for it to continue efficiently.

The Sharp system does have the capacity to store up to 30 numbers as was said earlier. In order to access these numbers there are arrow keys located near the dialing mechanism. This allows for you to scroll through the numbers to find the one that you need. Also if you happen to have Caller ID activated on your service you can even review your call list.


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