How To Remove Vista Guard From Your PC


Vista Guard is a fake antivirus application which has been created to scam you into buying the full upgrade of the program. You should not trust this software because it's telling you lies in order to trick you. Downloaded from various infected Internet sources, including the likes of a fake email attachment, rogue download and malicious website, the Vista Guard infection is going to be causing a huge problem for your system and needs to be removed immediately in order to ensure the continued integrity of your system.

This virus is what's commonly known as a "malware" (malicious software) infection – meaning that when it installs itself onto your computer, it will cause all sorts of problems including blocking the likes of blocking Internet connection, various programs and preventing Task Manager from loading up. You should not worry too much about this infection because it's not actually causing any problems for your PC – it will just be a huge annoyance and will be preventing you from using your programs correctly. What's important to note about this infection is that it's also a "Shape Shifter", meaning that it will constantly change its design based on which version of Windows it's infected. Many people are reporting seeing "Win 7 Guard" and "XP Guard", as well as Vista Guard – these are all the same fake program which are just morphing themselves into different designs in an attempt to further trick you.

The way to get rid of the virus you have is to treat it like a piece of software and not a virus. Vista Guard can only be removed if you can stop the infection from first loading, which can be done by either using "Safe Mode" of Windows or "rKill". After stopping the program from running, you then need to be able to remove all the parts of the virus from your PC – which can be done by either deleting its files or using an anti-malware program to delete its files.

We've found the most effective removal method to get rid of Vista Guard is to use an automated piece of software called a "malware removal tool." These are legitimate programs which work to scan through your PC and get rid of all the infected parts of the virus for good. In order to use one of these programs, you first need to be able to stop Vista Guard from loading, then download a good anti-malware application that will get rid of the fake from your PC. The best software to do this is one called " Frontline Rogue Remover " – a relatively new application which first shows you how to stop the virus from loading, and will then remove it completely from your PC. You can use this by downloading it and then following the instructions it shows you.


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