What is Website SEO in Layman Terms?

Website SEO is an important part of your Internet experience if you are setting up an Internet based business or even a website for personal use that you want to be successful.

In this article I want to explain what website SEO is in layman's terms so you will feel you have a knowledge of what it is about.

Website SEO is the art of optimizing your web page so it is ranked highly by search engines. What this means is making your website readable to search engines by creating it with information the search engines understand so your site can be listed in the first few pages of search results for words related to your topic.

Search engines do not read a website the way you or I do, they send out a small program called a spider or crawler that reads everything on your site then sends the information back to the search engine to determine your sites ranking for the word you have used.

Because search engines read websites differently website SEO also means you have to understand the way search engines gather information so your site can be fully understood by the crawler when it reaches your site.

To make your site readable to the crawler you will need to understand about title and meta tags which are small pieces of html that sit in the head of your website. If you are creating a web site you will understand it is made by html (Hyper Text Markup Language), all the content you put in to web web so readers can see it sits in the body of the web site, the head area sits above this at the very top of your site when you are creating it.

There are many other factors that are involved in website SEO but the explanation above does not give you a basic understanding of how website SEO works.

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