SEO – A Janitor, a Bank and an Artesian Well

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies can be likened to the janitorial staff of a large company. No other individual in the building is as well acquainted with every nook and cranny of the business as the janitor.

Not only is the janitor acquainted with the business, he or she is also the keeper of the keys. They hold in trust the means to access every portion of the business. They can unlock every room in the building.

SEO strategies do the same thing for online business. SEO has the ability to unlock the doors and explore the possibilities of marketing via the most powerful and free marketing tool available – search engines.

When you do not work to maximize your marketing potential through SEO strategies it may be like the owners of a brick and mortar store indicating that they do not need janitorial services. It will not be long before your business is cluttered up with overstock inventory and very few customers. SEO unexpectedly unlocks the doors to higher traffic counts and improvements sales conversions.

Perhaps the analogy of a janitor may seem a little obscure, but I used it because just like janitors the potential in SEO is often overlooked and undervalued.

Both are important to a company's ability to perform well and manage the day-to-day functions of the business.

SEO is a long-term strategy that provides compound interest. Every month it has the potential of bringing more and more business to your website. It may start slowly, but if you maximize SEO strategies the result will be improved overall site performance and increased sales.

While many are utilizing alternative forms of advertising that are often lulled into believing this will be enough, but the truth is when you rely on Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising you are simply running a faucet. As soon as you turn off the faucet the traffic goes away.

SEO is more like an artesian well that has a steady and refreshing supply of fresh water that can be replied upon.

So let's recap.

SEO is like …

A janitor – It provides keys that unlocks every area of ​​your online business.
A bank – It supplies compound interest with greater site visitation and sales conversions.
An artesian well – It provides refreshing consistency when other forms of advertising can not and will not.

Hopefully by taking a few abstract examples and making them applicable to SEO strategies you can capture more fully the idea that this marketing strategy is not only good, but also good for you and your business.

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