Lil Wayne Biography


A Lil Wayne biography reads like a bestselling novel. There's violence, superstardom, drug abuse, multiple children from multiple women … and so on. Despite his pressing problems concerning a weapons charge, Lil Wayne is still one of the most respected rappers in the game today. Here is a brief Lil Wayne biography that covers his major record releases, early beginnings and the major successes he has enjoyed over the past 15 years …

Lil Wayne was born in New Orleans, Louisianna on September 27, 1982. He was placed in a school for the gifted and earned straight A's through his early years. School did not provide the creative release that Lil Wayne needed, so at age 8 he started freestyling and writing raps. By the age of 11, he began to leave freestyles on the answering machine of Mannie Fresh, the producer for Cash Money records. The gimmick obviously left an impression; a year later he joined the label and began touring with the group known as the Hot Boyz. Soon enough, he launched his solo debut album "Tha Block Is Hot" to both commercial and critical acclaim. He also earned a nomination from The Source for Best New Artist. The album went on to go double platinum.

After the immense success of Tha Block Is Hot, he released two lackluster albums – Lights Out and 500 Degreez- neither of which reached the level of success that his debt album had. Critics began to write him off as a one trick pony who was unable to oercome his freshman release. If that were true, this Lil Wayne biography would not have been written. He released the album "Tha Carter" and received huge critical acclaim for his improved concepts, lyrics and flow. Lil Weezy was beginning to grow up.

The follow up album did even better commercially. It debuted at # 2 on the Billboard charts and went double platinum. This album also noted the split up of Wayne and his mentor and producer from Cash Money. The response for his third installment was even larger, hitting platinum in its first week. Lil Wayne also topped the Billboard charts for the first time with "Lollipop." Many of these songs were leaked prior to the album's release, although it obviously did not hurt record sales.

During the success of these albums, Wayne began to hit hard times. He repeatedly appeared in court for possession of marijuana and firearms, and openly admitted to a codeine addiction. In 2009 he was arrested and plead guilty to a weapons charge, and faced eight months in jail.

As stated earlier, a Lil Wayne biography reads like a bestselling novel, though many fans fear it may end up a tragedy.


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