Technology and Wholesale eBooks

Over the past decade there has been a boom in the world of e book production and promotion. High profile authors have come to the realization that selling and formatting their work in e book format is just as beneficial as preparing it for paperback and hardcover print. In fact, many readers are shying away from paperback and print books all together, and are solely making their book purchases from wholesale e book dealers. The success and growth of the Internet has forced both readers and authors to make many adjustments to how they do business.

Authors have had to take notice that if they do not release their works in e book and electronic format via the Internet, that someone else will either be legally or through illegal means. Therefore, the majority of authors and large print book chains have made e book releases just as common as print releases. Many high profile authors have also produced e books specifically for the Internet. This is books that are not released in print format at all. In fact, popular horror author Stephen King has released many widely popular books in only e book format. This has introduced his large fan base to the art and magic of e books.

On the flip side readers have become aware that they can save a substantial amount of money by purchasing their books from wholesale e book stores then from actual retail book chains. They can also shop with ease and convenience from their homes and save money on travel. This is very important for individuals who are watching their wallets and living on tight budgets, but do not want to give up their favorite pastime of reading.

Each year technology advances in leaps and strides, and as it does the book industry is forced to make changes and adjust to the changing of the times. In doing so, more and more readers and authors are turning to the World Wide Web for all their booking needs. With this in mind wholesale e book retailers are preparing to expand their databases and are adding more and more titles to their archives.

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