How To Remove "Registry Defender Platinum" From Your PC – Rogue Removal Tutorial

The Registry Defender Platinum infection is a virus released by hackers, taking the form of a computer optimization tool. Though it looks legitimate, it is really a scam wherein the program leads users to believe that it is real and that important upgrades should be bought. It aims to cheat people of their money by making them think their PC is infected with viruses. If you encounter Registry Defender Platinum on your PC, do not trust it. Once it installs its self into the PC, expect that all sorts of errors and malfunctions will occur. A virus in the form of a software, called “malware” or malicious software, can be quite difficult to get rid of without the proper removal instructions.

The Registry Defender Platinum virus is yet another fraudulent software program made by hackers. A malware or malicious software infection of this type is designed to make copies of itself and then install itself into computers. This program is used to block vital operations in the PC, such as the internet connection, loading of programs and the important Task Manager program from working properly. Most of the time, it will hide itself inside fake emails, rogue downloads, dubious websites that it uses to hijack computers. It can install the program without being detected or needing any permission from the user. Once installed, it immediately starts causing all kinds of trouble in the PC which, if not acted on right away, could eventually lead to irreparable damage. The best way to deal with this is to remove it and completely take out all the infections. The process is aimed at terminating the virus’ infections from running and then deleting the files and programs it has infected. To do these, follow the set of instructions that are detailed below.

How To Remove Registry Defender Platinum

There are two parts in the process of removing this virus: stopping the virus from running and then removing the virus altogether. Since the malware has prevented the virus’ applications from being exited or stopped using Task Manager, the only way to do so is through either Safe Mode or something called the rkill program. They can serve as “backdoor” access to the computer system. After the virus has been stopped from operating, the user can easily delete the virus and the infected files and programs, so long as they know what to look for. The challenge is really the first step: using the two mentioned programs. Not many people are familiar or confident enough to use them. Fortunately, there is another way.

This virus will typically install itself here:

  • c:Program FilesAngle Interactive

The alternative route in removing the malware is through the use of the Frontline Rogue Remover application. This is a tool that experts highly recommend in dealing with infiltrations like the Registry Defender Platinum. This program can be downloaded from another computer in case the Internet of the infected PC is blocked. Transfer the file and then install it properly. Run the program and follow the instructions. It will automatically perform the removal process on its own without the user having to deal with complicated programs or searching through countless folders for the rogue files. Finally, use a registry cleaner to clean out the registry, and you’ll be done.

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