There Is A Mermaid In Every Woman

Are you one of the million women who would avoid buying a new swimsuit because you do not know which benefits better to your figure? There are no excuses, you do not have to give up on your search for the summer's most unique piece of clothing, it is available in different styles made to help you balance and accentuate your figure.

You first have to evaluate well your body, be objective and observe your proportions so you can choose a suit that stands out your best attributes, or hides your non-favorite ones. Also, as a complement there are numerous alternatives like pareos, sarongs, palazzos and skirts that help you to hide what you do not want to show. To make your life easier, we offer you some tips for this difficult but much needed scouting:

Type of body: Guitar – For these voluptuous figures that show a balance between top and bottom, a good option is a print two piece bathing suit, or a V-Neck one piece is also favorable. You should avoid suits with strings in the hips since they attract attention to this area, and can make it seem wider. The so-called trikini is also a good choice since it stands out both breasts and hips while showing off the waist. If you are petite, you can also use solid colors and high cuts in the bottom part. If you like prints, vertical lines can elongate your silhouette.

Type of body: Slim – This figure goes very well with any printed suit that adds volume to the body. Vertical lines should be avoided. Drapes and applications are favorable, as well as padded tops and hooks or laces at the sides to augment proportion in both parts.

Type of body: Wide Hips – To balance hips with the rest of the body, printed tops are the best option and should be used with solid bottoms. Dark colors minimize, visibly size of the hips. One piece suits are the favorites for this figure, especially when they stand out the breasts.

Type of body: Voluminous Breast – To have more breasts than hips does not mean you have to hide yourself. V-tops and halters are the best alternatives to bring support and show off your best attribute. On the contrast, prints, ruffles and light colors should only be used in the bottom part of the bathing suit.

Other tips:

– Always use lined bathing suites, especially if they are beige or white.

– Take care for your suit, whenever you get out of the water, dry well so it does not deteriorate. Always wash your suit with a detergent for delicates.

– If your skin is white, use earth tones, blue and pink. For tan skin, bright colors like yellow and white are preferred.

– For the heavier girls, a tankini is the latest trend in the market. If you prefer a one piece suit, try a V-neck one and avoid prints, especially if they are too big.

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