Turn Your PC Into a Super TV

Super TV is a form of TV subscription wherein it features recent movies that are unedited and free of commercial. Originally, this operated in the area of ​​Washington DC and started on November 1981. This was viewed upon UHF channel 50 WCQR that is currently WDCW. Super TV has flourished to Baltimore region in July 1982, which can be viewed on channel 54 WNUV.

Subscribers were then given 12×12 inch brown decoder equipment and also UHF antenna which is to be installed on roofs or balcony of the house and is targeted on the station's transmitter. When connected to a TV, the equipment would scan the Super TV movie programs. At night, when you pushed the button to its "in" position, the subscribers could watch a legion of movies that were scheduled to run on that particular moment.

80 movies could be viewed such as Poltergeist, On Golden Pond, and Halloween III. Super TV also broadcast a late night program which is entitled "Night Life" wherein adults could view soft-core porn movies or shows. Super TV subscribers could also obtain weekly or monthly movie schedule, usually in catalog format for them to be aware of the time when their favorite films would air.

The equipment used is called Zenith SSAVI or sync suppression and video inversion. The decoder does not contain external controls but just little chrome shaded button on top for selecting Super TV or normal TV. To facilitate easy decoding techniques, video inversion was performed selectively, usually when video frames are light in total, this causes the scrambled images to stay darker compared with elevated sync pulses. In other situations, video was reversed on alternated frames. The sound transported on conventional sound channel was called "barker" announcement, informing others that Super TV is a clambered services and necessitates subscription. Super TV movie audio was encoded in such a way that conventional television will not be able to decode. The station may address each box individually to enable decoding of programs, involving one-time airing or even adult broadcast options.

The spread of Super TV ended at around year 1986, because of the popularity of cable connections, video rental, and VCR made Super TV obsolete. Now, Super TV memorabilia can be collected on the market.

Now do you wish to turn your pc into a Super TV? What are the things you need to do, and what are the steps to follow for you to have a Super TV right on your computer?

Here is an easy guide on how to turn your pc into a Super TV. First is to find your best loved channels worldwide. Then, you must produce you own TV channel play list, select what you wish to view, then customized your play list, its like having a TV Studio right at your hand. Then finally you play the chosen channel at your play list. It's just having the television channels right on your pc. With simple clicking of the play list, you could now relax and enjoy watching through your Super TV

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