Timez Attack

This computer program teaches the times tables in a fun and engaging way for young mathematicians – and non-mathematicians! It's like something they would play on Nintendo or Game Boy … but on this game, you need to answer the questions correctly (times tables) in order to get the golden key and advance to the level.

Being the sneaky mom that I am, I loaded it up and started playing it myself (turning up the volume very loud!) Soon, both my kids were saying, "no mom – go here!", "Push this button" MOM … you're gonna loose or walk over a cliff !!! " and the final, "Mom, you really need to let me play this game cause you're gonna loose." Can you tell I'm really bad a video games? Obviously, this game is very engaging and even though it starts out with very simple mathematics, the game itself is so fun, the kids do not realize they are learning – or reviewing facts they already know.

Timez Attack is a great game for High Functioning Special Needs Kids. It is easy for them to figure out – even this old mom figured out how to make it walk and such – of course, the directions are there if you want. But who needs directions when you can push buttons and make it work? My son who has Aspergers, ADHD and ODD figured it all out without any "directions" at all.

The only thing that might be tough for some kids is the timer. Some Aspergers kids or ADHD kids do not do well with the intensity a timer creates. I realize that with "normal" kids, this would not be a factor, but with our Special Needs Kids, it tends to be. It would be awesome if the creator could produce a different version, one with out the "timer" for our kids!

I would defiantly recommend this Computer Program. Oh, and did I mention, it's FREE! Yes, you can buy an upgrade version, but my kids are having fun and learning on the Free version.

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