Optimizing A Sales Page For Search Engines

Zero, again, the amount of traffic to your site is zero and I am going insane. If this sounds like you, I would continue reading because you need to see how you can increase the amount of traffic to your site substantially without even doing any search engine optimization outside of your site with the inbound link strategy. One of the most important strategies for optimizing your site for search engines is to use key words that are relavent to the product you are selling or the service you are providing.

So how exactly does the process begin? It all starts with the research of key words, like all other doings online, it requires a little bit of resaerch and a lot of creativity. List all the words that will describe your service or product with benefits and any other words that can relate. This is going to be the base of your research. This is the longest part of the research but it is the most rewarding and the most important part.

After you create a nice list of words, it is now time to take is and refine it by combining the words to create heardings and subheadings. This is were all the creativity comes in. Now you have to take those words and add adjectives. This is one of the most important elements of writing copy. Adjectives are the most important part of the copy writing.

Go to inventory.overture.com and type in those phrases and see if you can get any traffic from these phrases. This site shows you the traffic of the phrase. This will help you to optimize your sales page with the traffic from search engines. We are going to use traffic from the search engines to create income here today.

Search engines will find you site, scan the text and see these key phrases as H1 tags. These tags have heavier effects of search engine ranking. This will increase the traffic to your site wile still being readable. Use thisstrategy to your advantage and make sure that your sales page still makes sense to the people reading it because they are the ones buying your products.

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