The Wireless Notebook Computer


Wireless notebook computers are becoming the standard these days. Most new notebook computers have Wi-Fi capability built-in to connect to the Internet in a flash. Gone are the days of NIC cards and external modems. Now your laptop finds all available networks and connets automatically. There are other new wireless technologies available today on notebooks and they're becoming more accessible to the average Joe. We'll look at how notebooks are going wireless in more than one way. You will be amazed by the wireless options you have these days.

Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband provides high speed data connectivity via public carrier cellular networks. You can quickly download complex files and large email attachments, access critical data and applications when and where you need them the most. If you can make a cell phone call then you can get online.

Mobile broadband technology is more than 10x faster than dial-up, providing quick and easy notebook access where you need it. You do not even need to plan your Internet use around hotspots locations anymore. You simply connect your wireless notebook through mobile broadband. There is a monthly fee for this but if you find yourself outside of hotspot locations, you may want to take advantage of this new service.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Dual Band Wi-Fi allows wireless connectivity in your office or at a public hotspot to a wireless local area network. Notebooks equipped with wireless cards communicate with routers or access points – devices with an antenna that send data back and forth over the airwaves up to 300 feet.

With these new Wi-Fi solutions, you stay connected everywhere and turn unproductive time into opportunities to get more done. Be sure to find a notebook that connects through Wi-Fi automatically. This will save you tons of time every time you turn your computer on. With virtual limitless connectivity on most wireless notebook computers you spend less time trying to connect and more time accomplishing your goals.

Wireless Bluetooth

Many notebooks come equipped with Bluetooth 2.0 with Enhanced Data Rate wireless technology. Bluetooth allows the transfer of data, music and images between your notebook, your personal devices and peripherals. This can allow you to create more productive, less cluttered workspaces – with wireless connectivity to keyboards, mice, office printers and personal devices – all without wires.

Bluetooth on notebooks is a new technology. It sees everywhere we go see see Bluetooth headsets for cell phones attached to heads across the country, but integrated Bluetooth in your notebook is relatively new. With so many notebook peripherals going wireless, finding a Bluetooth wireless notebook computer is becoming more important. You may end up paying a little more, but it's forward thinking technology that may save you heads in the future.

New Levels of Wireless Security

When you connect to the Internet wirelessly, security is more important than ever before. Make sure you look for a laptop with Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA2). This ensures only authorized users are able to access your network and encrypts data to keep critical information secure. Wireless security is critical to protect you from identity theft and to make your online purchases are safe.


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