The Best 2 Quick Methods on How to Play the Violin

Starting today you can learn how to play the violin schedule your age background or experience. It is a fun and rewarding instrument to play and in contradiction to popular belief you can play any style of music on the violin. There are children and adults alike looking at how best to play the violin and there are many different methods, but here I will outline the 2 that I believe to be the best and quickest routes to musical success.

Offline with private lessons.

  • This is one of the more well known methods and still very popular all players. Here I recommend that you go to a local music shop, preferably a violin specialist and ask about a good, local violin teacher. Many music shops have a teacher that visits or as with a specialist shops, the owner may play and teach as well. Either way they will be able to point you in the right direction.
  • My only word of warning here is that you do not begin with group lessons if possible. This is not to say they are ineffective. Many people learn as part of a group and see great progress. However if you are paying top price for one to one lessons, then make sure they are just that.

Online lessons with a master.

  • This is perhaps not yet as popular as the more traditional method of learning. But with the huge boom in online learning, give this a few more months and the tables may turn. Online violin lessons are firstly incredibly good value for money, with a whole 12 month course costing around the same price as 1 traditional lesson.
  • Lessons usually appear as a downloadable series of videos, books, PDF's and bonuses such as play along backing tracks.
  • Many are also created by famous violinists making the lessons a real privilege as you study with a real life master. Imagine studying with a 21st century Paganini!

Learning how to play the violin online has a huge amount of benefits, with my favorite being that you do not have to leave your home for a lesson or perform in front of anyone until you are completely ready to do so.

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