Successful Homeschooling, Be Ahead


Get up early. If a mother expects to have any kind of success she should be up before the children. The earlier, within reason, the better. If she is up at least an hour before she expects the children to get up she can be dressed and have her personal needs taken care of. Then when the children get up, she's ready to tackle the day.

Why is this important to homeschool success? If the children are up first, the mother usually ends up just following them around all day cleaning up messes. she needs to be prepared so she can direct the children's activities and be in charge of the morning routine. Then she can focus them on their school work, and they do not get hung up on doing their own thing before school. This will save much of the battle of trying to get them to mind.

Plan the lessons ahead. The lessons should be planned before school starts. Using a curriculum that follows the same format each day will help. If special materials are required for that days lesson, they should be collected up before school time. The lessons should come one right after the other with no time for messing around in between.

Why is this important to homeschool success? So often mother is busy getting the lesson ready when she should be teaching the lesson and the children all wonder off. She loses their attention and a lot of time is wasted trying to get them focused again.

Do not hurry. A homeschool schedule should be planned carefully leaving sufficient time for everything to be done. If it's not working, a new schedule is in order. One that either includes more time or less work in a day should be used.

Why is this important to homeschool success? How well can a child learn if she's always being pressured to hurry? She needs time to do her best work. Quality should never be given up for quantity.


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