Using Spectrum Audio Analyzer Software to Combat Terrorism

Even before 9/11, law enforcement agencies have kept tabs on people considered to be as potential threats to the United States. This involved following the subject on the ground as well as infiltrating the organization.

There is never another devastating attack on US soil ever since that tragic day. Surely, people have heard about the train bombing that killed almost 200 people in Spain a couple of years ago or a similar one in involving a bus and subway attack in London last year. But no one could forget the plot to blow up trans-Atlantic flights from the UK bound for the US.

This proves that there are people out there that are still willing to go to great lengths to sow fear in modern world. The only way to combat that threat will be to use other techniques that are considered to be controversial such as wiretapping.

What is wiretapping? This is a method of surveillance used to listen in on the conversations of a group of people. Bugs can be planed in the room while a van is recording everything that is happening inside.

The machine used to make this happen is like a giant tape recorder. Not only does it record everything but it can also tell the identities of those involved using a machine called the spectrum audio analyzer.

Why is this so controversial? Simply because President Bush approved this measure to be done in the United States without due process. This meant obtaining a court order mandating the military, the FBI or the Department of Home Land Security to conduct such activities.

Bypassing the judicial system and spying on its own citizens is considered by many to be unconstitutional. It is a breach of privacy and a violation of civil liberties especially concerning that of free speech.

But wiretapping has been used for a long period of time. Back in the 60's and 70's, the FBI used a primitive device to listen on activities of those involved in organized crime. This also played a role in the Watergate Scandal that forced President Nixon to resign from public office.

When Osama Bin Laden or a member of Al Queda releases a tape to the media, government analysts use a spectrum audio analyzer software to check if the recoding is authentic.

The war on terror goes on until the alleged masterminds and the people who continue to fund these plots are brought to justice. The use of such software and other techniques are just a means to an end so another attack will never happen.

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