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Competition has traditionally reached the zenith in the over-crowded world of mobile phones. It was never like that before, but these days all the leading handsets manufacturers have been opting for new methods and techniques to bring the most advanced and efficient handsets. The race is on and it has also become mandatory for these manufacturers, as users are expecting something more, whenever they go for a new handset. Similarly music phones have been also feeling the heat, as they are moving through rigorous transformation.

As such, you would find innumerable music handsets, but a very few of them really live up to the expectations of the users or really stand out of the clutter. All these features have expanded the overall profile of the mobile handsets, but their foremost function is to connect people. This stiff competition has also taken its toll on various entry level handsets, as typically they are disappearing from the mobile market. A handset which comes with an agglomeration of multiple features with stylish looks can attract the attention of users. While keeping all these things in mind, Samsung came up with its yet another music powerhouse or the Samsung F300, which has been suitably stuffed up with various innovative features, which can really elevate your overall mobile experience.

The Samsung F300 is a result of sheer innovation, which has been further elaborated by its looks. It is endowed with a different kind of dual flip open mechanism and two screens. All you have to do is to flip open this gadget and it is ready for all the action. Its main TFT screen can support up to 256K colors and its second screen supports up to 65K colors – to take a very good care of your viewing experience. Its firmly built keypad is finished up with tactile surface, which makes it quite comfortable to use.

Besides all these basic functionalities, the Samsung F300 comes with a superb music player, which can support music files in various formats such as MP3, AAC, AAC + and WMA. If its 128 MB of inbuilt memory is not enough enough, then you can easily enhance it by using a microSD memory card. When it comes to other technologies, the handset supports various leading technologies such as GPRS, EDGE, USB and Bluetooth. So, make the most of your music life with the Samsung F300.

Samsung F300

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