Verbatim TUFF-CLIP USB Drive (Thumbdrive)

If you have seen a picture of the Verbatim TUFF-CLIP USB drive (thumbdrive) for sale on the internet, let me assure you: it is every bit as sturdy as it looks. This portable USB drive is made of ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic, which is stronger than pure polystyrene. It is the same material that kid-resistant Lego bricks are forged with. The drive's retractable slider is a nice draw; I do not know how many USB caps I've lost over the years. It protects the sides of the USB connector from damaging impact, but its exposed end may be susceptible to dust.

How is the included software? The drive comes with the V-Safe100 password security software. With it you can define protected and public sectors of the drive. The drive is also rated strongly enough to qualify as a ReadyBoost drive. ReadyBoost1 is a component of Microsoft Vista that allows you to use the TUFF-CLIP as a drive for disk cache, in an effort to speed up computer operation. TUFF-CLIP also has an integrated carabineer clip that can be fastened onto a backpack, key chain, belt loop or notebook. I really like this carabineer clip; it's an advance over the lanyard rings that previous USB drives come with. You can clip and unclip this one with ease.

Verbatim's TUFF-CLIPs come in 4GB and 8GB capacities.

Note: We were not able to test ReadyBoost as part of this review. However, the Web site did and found it most effective with Vista systems containing less than 1GB of memory. (Is that a popular configuration these days?)

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