The History And Love Of The Remote Control

If you are an avid television watcher, you probably watch a variety of programming. With the developments of satellite and cable in recent years, we all have more channel options to watch than we are barely able to click through using our remote. Thank goodness for the remote control, because it would be really annoying to have to stand in front of our television sets are continuously change the channels ..

In early years of television, the remote control was nothing like the ones that we use today. The first company to come out with a remote control for the television was The Zenith Radio Corporation in 1950. It was connected to the television with a wire and worked electronically. Five years later they came out with the wireless remote that worked by beaming a light onto a photoelectric cell. This remote was not very reliable because other light sources could interfere with its operation.

Remote controls play a very big part today in our use of many electronics. Televisions were the first things that we used them for. Today we use them for our televisions, satellite or cable receivers, stereos, garages, lights, ceiling fans, and our VCR and DVD players. We even get a remote of sorts with our new vehicles now that will lock and unlock our doors and engage or disengage the alarm system for us. If we can find a way to make and use a remote control with something we certainly will. A couch potato would be non existent without remote control.

Some people have an actual fear of their remotes because they can be so complicated to program. If you lose your programming instructions, then you could be in trouble. You could have to call in an expert. The fear of mashing a wrong button and disengaging your programming is something that people fear most.

When our remotes are working well and we familiarize ourselves with them and get a general idea how they work, suddenly they become one of our best friends. We are no longer afraid to touch them, but also become quite sure that no one else in the house knows a thing about it. We have probably officially become a remote control junkie.

You know you have become totally dependent on a remote control device when you have misplaced it and then become extremely anxious. You can be standing in front of your television and be more than capable of changing the channel or raising or lowering the volume, but you must use the remote! It will drive you crazy until you find it.

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